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Ok, this remains confusing, @trendoman!

I added the user level escalation code to my 'bulkmail.php' file on my local development system (using XAMPP), and it worked. I could call the script from the browser, while logged out, and the bulkmail process ran.

I'd replaced the actual email title with a dummy value and title for the real run, so I was safe to do this on live too.

I then transferred the file to my live server. Running it from the browser at that location still returns 'Cheating?!". I did also check using a cron job, but again get the 'Cheating?!' response

Any suggestions? If not I think I may take all the user names/email data out into a separate SQL table and rewrite this task using PHP/SQL - I'd rather not, though, as people may currently still be updating user details via the Couch-driven site.

I can PM you the whole of the current file and its address on the web if you want to test this yourself (well, not the cron, but if it doesn't run in the browser it's unlikely to work from cron!).
Yes, I can test it. Maybe it is a cache issue, I used to encounter this when uploaded a template to a server. Date-time discrepancy, something around that.. Code working on localhost would work the same manner on live Couch, as both are identical, I presume.
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