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I've used Couch for a few websites before and it has been working perfectly. Now however, I have created a site for a client and uploaded Couch to his webhost. The url is [hidden] , as you might see from this page it is just white, with no text whatsoever and the source file is completely empty. I am 100% sure that I have uploaded the files correctly and everything is there. I've also updated the config.php file with all the correct information.

Does anyone know why I get this blank page? I am afraid that the server is a microsoft one, not a linux server, but should that really matter? Here is a link to a phpinfo.php file telling me the server has php5.x.x installed:[hidden]

I find this really weird as I have used Couch on many webservers before. Please help..

It is OK to have a Microsoft server so long as the Web server is not IIS.

I had a look at the phpinfo and couldn't find any info about IonCube loader being installed. The blank screen has been reported to crop up on certain hosts that do not have ioncube installed.

Please make sure that the required IonCube loader is properly installed and, I think, that should solve the problem.
Hi, thanks for your answer. I did have Ioncube installed but there was a conflict between the installed version of PHP and Ioncube. The problem was fixed by creating a .htaccess file inside the root of the website and inside the couch folder. The .htaccess file looks like this:

Code: Select all
AddType application/x-httpd-php52cgi .php
Action application/x-httpd-php52cgi /cgi-sys/php52.cgi

Seems like ioncube works better with PHP 5.2 compared to PHP 5.3
Thank you for reporting back the fix.

You are right about PHP 5.3 being problematic.
I have known several webhosts who actually rolled back to PHP 5.2.9 to escape 5.3's quirks.
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