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Hi there,
I use Couch CMS as a CMS for my customer. Everything is great but one of my clients came to me with a strange request. He wants to migrate all his website including the website I made with Couch CMS to .net structure. That's ok. I can do cms for him with .net but I'm stuck on how to migrate data from Couch to new cms.

Has anyone done something like this before?
CouchCMS has its way of storing data in database, so direct migration of db records is not possible.

Your only option is to craft export scripts that will output only data from cloned pages in any suitable form - csv, json or whatever the new CMS can import. Then probably create scripts in the new CMS to import data.

I never migrated outside of Couch though. I had once a task to take another database and import data to Couch, and that task required writing Couch scripts that read data from another database and create cloned pages. That was not difficult but took more than enough time to get bored. 8-)

I am not sure I even understand what you need to have done.

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