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We have external CRM where we publish post. We want fetch this posts to CouchCMS when post is publish/delete/edit in external CRM. We have API of course. So is it possible to create/add/edit post in code using only PHP? Maybe is diffrect way to connect CouchCMS?

Can i got any suggestion about API integration?
You can use the capture-Tag, if the API response is in JSON. ... parameters
Seyya wrote: Maybe is diffrect way to connect CouchCMS?

Hello Seyya. API from your CRM is not the only way to fetch posts. Couch can be programmed via PHP to access the database of your CRM and read posts directly via SQL requests (tag <cms:query> ... query.html). This can be a one-time op to transfer posts CRM -->> CMS or a scheduled op. Note that CouchCMS will only read database thus db stays safe.
API and Database approaches can meet another approach - RSS feed from your CRM can also work.
I probably could assist further if requested.

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Hello! Thanks a lot for answers and advices.

Lets sum it. I want to connect with API with shared URL with JSON data. We want to have up do date connection(maybe with using crone). So when data in API will change(added, delete, modify) we must to automatically synchronize(add,delete,modify) changes in couchCMS. We want to have posts listing and of course create new posts.

This API shares plugin to connect and download data but only for Wordpress. Maybe this can us halp?

Maybe this addon can help?

I was wondering too on curl download in PHP or fetch data in JS.

I was thinking about connecting with API and download JSON data and save into .csv file and next import data from this file to CouchCMS. Any suggestions? Maybe it will be easier?

Its all what i have for this moment. I am choosing best available way at the moment.
Have you seen this addon? Might get you started. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12953

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Awesome! I finished this task.

Thanks you a lot for answers.
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