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Hi guys and girls,
Iam totaly new, even it is my first try to use a cms set up by myself...
So i hope someone can help me.

I make the page editable with the tags, with WinSCP
normaly it works.

I refress the page and I get, this warning:
ERROR! TAG_NAME: Invalid char " " in tagname (line: 0 char: 61)
The page work before I change it to editable
the line i wrote
<section class="testimonials1 solutionm4_testimonials1 cid-t10jNV5fZz" id="dame">

if I change the line in with php ' ' line
<section class='testimonials1 solutionm4_testimonials1 cid-t10jNV5fZz' id='dame'>
and update and refress using ctrl F5,
I get still the same warning,
ERROR! TAG_NAME: Invalid char " " in tagname (line: 0 char: 61)

What I need to do now???
Hi and welcome :)

The error suggests that you have introduced a space in the 'name' of some Couch tag (i.e. those beginning with '<cms:').
For example notice how in the code below there is a space between '<cms:' and 'show'
Code: Select all
<cms: show something />

Please review your code and try finding any such mistake.
In case you have difficulty finding the problem, feel free to show us your template (attach it) and I'll take a look at it.
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