Good morning!

I have a site where a user can order delivery from a restaurant. For this I use Couch cart.
The full menu is set with simple products, and everything works fine.
But they also have the following formula where, only from a selected list of dishes, a user can:
1) choose between one first course OR one second course, price 7€
2) choose between one first course AND one second course, 10€
I tried to set up this by creating a new page, where the user can choose between the dishes via product variants, but I can't really figure out how I can accomplish the price variation.
In this case I cannot simply add =+3 in the product variant, because the user can select either a first course or a second course, and if he selects both the final price would be +6 and not +3

I attach some screenshots on how I set this

Hope I explained well the problem...

Thanks in advance to anyone who will help!