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Hi All,

I'd just like to start of by saying what a great product Couch is, and I'm glad to have stumbled across it - also the great community that seems to be involved with it, Many thanks to KK and all the contributors.

Can I just confirm my understanding of the mosaic tag and cms:editable type="thumbnail" ?

Does Mosaic support editable type="thumbnail" ?

I'm currently unable to get it to work, and looking at the code for the mosaic tag in github, it suggests it doesn't, but the documentation for Mosaic says that it supports all editable types?



Thank you for your kind words :) I am glad you found Couch useful.

Replying to your query -
I tested and can confirm that type 'thumbnail' does work with mosaic.

Perhaps what is throwing you off is the fact that mosaic does not display the thumbnail in the admin-panel once you save a tile?
That is ok - try editing the tile and you'll see that the thumbnail would have been created and shown there.
That is to say, on the frontend you may use the thumbnail and it should show up as expected.

If, however, you do not get to see the thumbnail even in the edit screen, then perhaps something is missing from your code.
Please share your code here and I'll try and see if I can spot anything amiss.
Many thanks for the quick reply KK:

Yes, after a little more investigation, I saw that the thumbnail does indeed get generated, but that it does not show the thumbnail once the tile is saved, and more importantly you don't have the ability to re-crop and see a preview of the re-cropped image?

For my current use-case I need to be able to give users the ability to re-crop images for use in page-header images, and in an image carousel (if the original image crop does not crop the subject correctly) - I guess there's no way to achieve this in a repeateable/mosaic ?

Thanks again,

.. ability to re-crop and see a preview of the re-cropped image

Please try using JcropThumb - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9299
The addon comes bundled with Couch now but you need to enable it through couch/addons/kfunctions.php.

Do test and let me know if it helps.
Thanks KK, I've already had a play with jcropthumb - it's great, but again, I can't seem to use it in a repeating-region/mosaic to allow the user to re-crop an image.
Could you please clarify something? Are you trying to use the two regions within a 'repeatable region'?
Repeatable-regions, whether used in a stand-alone template or within a mosaic, does not support thumbnails.
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