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I was setting up CouchCMS and everything was going fine, i even had my first page complete and was able to edit it etc. But when I started the next page, nothing was working. The page wouldn't show up in the admin panel, and when I tried to go to the new .php page, I got an error saying the site couldn't handle the request (HTTP ERROR 500). I then tried to see if the first page was still working, but I got the same error too. Does anyone know what I did wrong? I followed the same steps on the second page as I did the first but both just won't work now.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


In all probability, there is a syntax error in PHP somewhere.
Since the error crops up on multiple templates, it could be a file common to both templates - likely, couch/config.php.

To pin-point the exact problem, you'll need to take a look at your web-server's error log and it should show you the details.

Hope this helps.
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