Hello KK,
I want you to help me on how best to approach this. I am using the couch shopping feature. Now for some of the products I want to be able to add an option for them to choose their preferred product material type using images.
In my initial attempt I did this:
Code: Select all
<cms:repeat count='5' start_count='1' >
<cms:editable name="pp_texture_variant_<cms:show k_count />" type='image' />

With the thinking that since the 'pp_' prefix is present in the field name, I will use radio input box at the front-end with values equal each pp_texture_variant value so that once a user checks the preferred texture via the radio button, the selected image url will be available in the couch cart. However my presumption seems not to be working. Any pointers on how best to go about this. I've searched through the forum a lot of times but nothing comes up. Thank you for your help on advance.