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Hello i have bunch of pages inside __pages folder

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<?php require_once( 'couch/cms.php' ); ?>
<cms:template title='Box Info Page' >
<cms:editable name='page_content' type='richtext' />
<?php if(!defined('')) { die(); } ?>
<div class="container default">
   <div class="well well-content">
      <div class="headline margin-bottom-20"><h3>BOX INFO</h3></div>
      <div class="row margin-bottom-20">
         <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-9">
            <h4 class="text-primary"><cms:show page_content /></h4>
<?php COUCH::invoke(); ?>

So far everything is good i can see the page inside panel. But when i open another page like rules page cms starts to see rules info but when i edit pages from panel it effects both of them. I have a code inside function.php to clone pages

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function getSubtitle() {
      $url = empty($_GET['do'])?null:$_GET['do'];
      switch ($url)
         case 'rules': $subtitle = "Rules"; break;
         case 'box-info': $subtitle = "Box Info"; break;

What im a doing wrong here ?


Not sure if I was able to understand the problem correctly but perhaps the raw PHP being used is affecting the results?

Could you please post some screenshots of what is actually happening (with a short note on what was expected)?

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