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Hi, I had a question for displaying 4 links for dynamic folders which have the following titles:

Catalogue Essays / Articles & Reviews / Interviews / Artist Statements

The user can click on the above links and go to the respective page with the filtered articles. I need the links to show up in the above order, however, they are showing up in alphabetical order like this:
Articles & Reviews / Artist Statements / Catalogue Essays / Interviews

I tried a few things but nothing seems to work.
Does anyone one how I can display the links in the order of my choice?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Karen,

I'll assume, the mentioned links have been produced using <cms:folders> tag, right?
If so, you can arrange them the way you wish as follows -

In the admin-panel, when you edit a folder you'll notice there is a 'Weight' field that can be used to set the position of that folder (it is mentioned there - "Higher the value, lower the folder will appear in list. Can be set to negative.").

Please adjust the weights of the folders you have to make them display in the desired order.

Once the order is perfect as seen in the admin-panel, you may display the folders in the same order on the front-end too by using the 'orderby and 'order' params of <cms:folders> as shown below -
Code: Select all
<cms:folders orderby='weight' order='asc' 

Hope this helps.
Thanks so much! This worked.
You are always welcome, Karen :)
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