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I'm buildig a site where I have a problem with KCFinder, but i'ts on Mac OS only: when I click the Browse server button an empty screen appears with an alert "You don't have permissions to browse server".
The problem appears on Mac with Chrome, Firefox & Safari, tried on my macbook and my client's macbook.

Weird thing is: everything works fine on Windows (uploading, deleting, etc...) and I think my file permissions are rest right.

Can anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance!



Is your site already hosted on a proper server (i.e. is online) or is it still on your local machine?

It's hosted on a server. Same hosting company i've used many times before :?

Well, then this is a very strange issue :?
Because, the permissions that matter are those set on the server;
the server doesn't care which OS the client is coming from - if the permissions are fine for one client, it should be the same for every other client.

My take would be that, although it is being reported as such, this is not a permission related issue.
As to what is it then, that would need troubleshooting.
I'd suggest taking a look at the server error log as that can give a clue.

The site just went live, so I can't turn on php error logs (as it would display the log instead of the site, right?)

I'll try tomorrow and see what it says.

By the way: I get the same message on android/chrome.

Hi KK,

Sorry for the delay, but here's the PHP error log:
(by the way, the message of this post also appears on Windows now.)

Code: Select all
Warning: Undefined array key "op" in parser.php on line 755 
Warning: Undefined array key "op" in parser.php on line 755
Warning: Undefined array key "op" in parser.php on line 755
Warning: Undefined property: KField::$data in field.php on line 352
Warning: Undefined property: KField::$data in field.php on line 354
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at ..


It appears from the log that there is some error in your code somewhere (likely in some <cms:if> statement).
This could be a reason fro the problem under discussion.

Please try to figure out what that piece of code is and rectify it.

Hi KK,

I can't seem to find the error in the code. If I share my FTP data, could you please take a look?

Hi again,

I removed any of the if/else code to see if the problem was still there. Didn't work, so I added it again.

Then I reuploaded the kcfinder folder to /includes/ and the dialog appears again. But when I try to upload an image I get this error however:
Untitled-1.jpg (44.22 KiB) Viewed 710 times

Also, some thumbnails are not displayed correctly. The images on the website work fine, but uploading new images is not possible.

Any idea?

Could you please let me know the version of PHP in use?
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