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OMG ive been using couch for a year!

It must have been late last night because i should already know this :roll:

Kk you are the best thanks for your help!
You are welcome @rudydjmedina :)
the server is not accepting that solution.

it returns an error if i use " " on the outside. and single ' ' on the nested portion

The server accepts this. but the data does not get passed into <cms:show selected_product/> tag

it returnes:


Code: Select all
        headers="Content-Type: application/json | Authorization: Bearer <cms:show>"
        data= '{"filters": [
                {"field": "sku", "operator": "eq", "value": "<cms:show selected_product/>"}
         "attributes": ["attributes.cust_price"]   
Fixed i just used a different endpoint in where instead of filtering i added the couch tag to the end of the endpoint
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