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I have activated pretty urls on my website and for the most part this works just fine.

However, I noticed a difference in behaviour between clicking "View Site" and "View" on the home page or any other templated page.
The former redirects me to the site link without /index.php being appended (which is the expected behaviour with pretty urls). However, the latter redirects me to the site link with the following suffix appended: /index.php?p=1. This is the case for other pages on the website e.g. /contact vs /contact/index.php?p=12 (when "View" button is clicked)

How do i get rid of this page qualifier which is appended to the URL?
I feel like I am missing something very obvious.

Note that pretty URLs show expected beviour when browsing throughout the site. The suffixed link is only shown when clicking the "View" button when logged in to the CMS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It is normal for the 'admin-panel' to lead to 'non prettyurl' links -
the expected behavior then is that the target page automatically redirects to the prettyURL version (if prettyURLs are turned on).

Do you see that happening?
Please let me know.
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