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Hi All,

I've got a live site (paid licence) with pretty URLs and a custom 404 page. It works strangely.

I have tried changing HTACCESS ErrorDocument to the absolute path to the file on the server (/home/myusername/public_html/404.php), to the public error page ( and to the pretty public URL ( I get similar results with all. I've ensure the cache is refreshed.

If I request a random string of characters with no forward slash terminator:


I see the correct custom 404 page but the the URL displayed in the browser is: ... gwergewrg/

(thus exposing the server's file structure which isn't ideal, and it doesn't look very nice.)

If I request a random string of characters _with_ a forward slash terminator:


It works as I would hope and doesn't redirect - just displays the error 404 page content.

if I request a random non-existent PHP file:


I get a plain text response from the server:

File not found.

How can I make all situations result in no redirection, just the display of the error page content - or at the very least not redirect to a URL which exposes my server's file structure (and looks nicer).


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ErrorDocument 404 /404.php
@tim, the problem was caused by some custom rewrite rules manually added to the generated .htaccess.
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