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Hello KK,
I have 2 separate Couch projects and in one of them I have a locations template with dynamic folders turned on (Folders serve as regions and the cloned pages are specific locations that come under each region). I have 100s of location cloned pages under several regions in one of the projects.

Now the issue is that I have another project that requires the same feature. I will like to know how to copy all the locations(cloned pages) and regions (folders) exactly as they are from one project to another instead of having to add the locations one by one and put them into folders(regions) again in the new project. Is there better way to go about this? Thank you

You can export your pages data from the source installation as CSV (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11378)
and then import the same data into the target installation (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8803).

The folders can either be created manually or, it there are too many, the CSV importer can be tweaked to create them automatically (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8803&start=10#p27845).

Hope this helps.
RE:folders. I used to write a recursive function that exports dynamic folders as a set of hierarchically arranged static folders. Such static folders list can be copypasted to target template.
Once folders are registered and appear in Admin Panel, it is safe and practical to enable dynamic_folders in the target template and remove the static list from within cms:template block.
Thank you very much. I will follow all the links provided for a possible solution. Thank you all once more.
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