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Having an odd one here.

Moved from localhost to live test server using the new gen_dump.

Now I'm unable to save changes to the index page through the admin section.
I'd used a full link path (http://localhost/etc/etc/etc) and now whenever I edit the link to remove the http://localhost, on clicking save I'm sent to my test servers custom 404 page?

Saving on another post works fine - just not on the homepage (index.php)

Any ideas?


I'd like to take a look at the problem first-hand.
Could you PM me your live site's FTP/Couch credentials please?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for entrusting me with your credentials.

I looked into the problem and (after a pretty long session of troubleshooting) finally found what was going wrong.

It happens that you are using Couch from within a sub-folder of your main site (as a demo for your client). Normally this shouldn't be a problem but in your case some .htaccess file somewhere in the path leading to the couch folder was redirecting the 'index.php' to elsewhere. Ergo the problem with your index.php.

As a solution, I renamed the index.php to 'admin.php' (set this in config.php) and the situation was resolved.

Please check and confirm. Please do not forget to login using 'couch/admin.php'
Thanks KK
That excellent mate - works a treat.
I'd never have figured that one out.

I do have a wordpress install (yes, I will be replacing it with Couch as soon as I get time :)) for my main site which is likely causing the problem.

Really appreciate you taking the time to help KK


You are always welcome :)
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