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I created a subfolder within the livepage as an Test for the Couch CMS. I created all pages and my client already filled most pages with data suitable for the live-version. Everything worked in this Test-Directory.

Now I tried to simulate the transfer from the Subdirectory into another subdirectory (same Webserver) to test what has to be done, when the site will go live. I generated the install-ex.php dump within the testdirectory and deleted the database-tables via phpmyadmin.

After that i copied all Files from the Testdirectory into the "Livetest"-Directory. The Installation went without trouble, but when I try to access the admin panel i get an 500 Server-Error.

The Page itself functions properly with one exception - the font-awesome icons aren't getting displayed - everything else seems to work fine.

I tried deleting the .htaccess file in the Couch-Directory but it didn't help. I also re-applied the 755 Permissions on all files within the Couch-Directory but it doesn't work either. Now im pretty clueless as to what happened.

I can provide FTP-Data if necessary.

Thanks & Greetings
Please take a look at your web server's error log - that should tell you precisely what is going wrong.

Hope this helps.
My Host had some trouble activating the logs. The error.log was generated but there was no content. I just tried reinstalling a fresh couchcms with just my install-ex.
Now the installation worked and I can access the Admin-Panel. Seems like there was something wrong with my test-directory.

I'll try adding the templates and custom files tomorrow, but i guess that should work fine.

So to sum it up:
Reinstalling my page with a fresh couch-folder resolved my problem.

Thanks for your quick response

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