The nature of my cart setup requires that both the cart update button and coupon apply button will be in the same pp_cart_form so i did this hoping it works but it actually didn't work. I want to know if this is allowed in couch cms and how best should I tackle it:
Code: Select all
<cms:pp_cart_form anchor='1' class='row bag-form' method='get' >
<cms:if k_success>
<cms:set bag_form_act="<cms:gpc 'bag_form_act' />" />
<cms:if bag_form_act='coupon' >
<cms:set_flash name='success' value='<p>I worked</p>' />
<cms:redirect k_page_link />
.... Cart items here

<input type="submit" name="bag_form_act" class="bag-form-coupon-btn" value="coupon" >
<input type='submit' name='bag_form_act' class="bag-form-update-btn" value="update" >


NB: I used get in the method parameter because I wanted to check if the form was working by submitting the form values