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I made a new instalation on the new server. With an empty database.

The problem only appears in the backend.. in frontend, its ok!

Could you kindly let me take a look at the backend?
(please PM me the temporary credentials).


Thank you for entrusting me with your site's credentials.

I had a look at the admin panel and found that only the text strings that were fetched from the lang file meant to provide localized translation were not displaying properly.

As it turned out that the BR_PT.php you were using for translation had a UTF BOM header (2 bytes that show the byte-order) prefixed. This is done by some editors and this confuses up PHP.

The solution was simply to load up the file in a text editor and resaving it as 'UTF without BOM' (Notepad++ has this option and so should other good editors too).

Thanks again.
Very good KK! Thank you very much :D
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