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Hi there.

I'm on localhost, running XAMPP, and I just set up PRETTY URLS.

It's working great for some pages. But other pages are giving me a "Page not found' error.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Background, details:

1. MOD_REWRITE is funtioning on my localhost Apache server.
(I used test_rewrite to test this. Result: "HTTP_MOD_REWRITE is set!")

2. I successfully used gen_htaccess.php to give me the contents of my .htaccess in site root. In order to get things to work out, I modified the Rewrite base. I changed it ...

... From: RewriteBase /
... To : RewriteBase /web-site-root-folder

3. Couch has successfully been configured for PRETTY URLs: (I.e., it is now set to '1'.)

Here's what I'm getting:

index.php: and any other pages that have no template built into them are showing up fine, including all their component php includes and css stylesheets. (For any images not served by the Couch database, I did have to prepend <cms:show k_site_link /> to any image SRC urls in order to get them to appear, and that's great.)

In addition to pages with NO TEMPLATES, at least two pages that DO HAVE TEMPLATES are showing up fine too.

But the rest of my pages, whether in home, list, page, or archive views ==> 'Page not found'.



http://localhost/web-site-root-folder/blog/ ==> 'Page not found'
http://localhost/web-site-root-folder/b ... miami.html ==> 'Page not found'
http://localhost/web-site-root-folder/reviews/ ==> 'Page not found'
http://localhost/web-site-root-folder/reviews/2019/11/ ==> 'Page not found'

"Page not found" for all the above.


Any thoughts?

If nothing obvious, I'll consider wiping all data from the Couch database that is related to the recalcitrant template pages and enter them anew, from scratch. Might work like a reboot, clean up any accumulated, confusing double-entries or whatever might be in the tables after all my experimenting.

Thanks for any advice.
I just looked at the actual rules in the generated .HTACCESS file and my biggest template is being left out of it. Voilà the proximate cause of the problem.

However, when I re-run GEN HTACCESS, it still isn't recognizing/including that template, so I'm going to try manually entering a rule (based on the other ones).

I'll post here if that works.

In any case, the fact that GEN HTACCESS isn't including one of my templates could mean that maybe I've done something wrong in setting that template up. Not sure.


Manually creating new rules worked!
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