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Hello All,
Today I found something strange. I have developed two separate websites with couch cart. For some reason I opened both sites today in the same browser and that was when I realised that whatever products were in the cart of one of the websites was also in the cart of the other websites. It's as if they are sharing the same cart values meanwhile they are completely different websites with different couch installations on them. How is that so? Any help ?
Cart uses PHP 'sessions' which cannot (at least not without explicit work) be shared across domains.
Even sub-domains, e.g. as shown below, cannot share the session data -

I would assume the two separate Couch sites you have are sub-sites on the same domain e.g.

Is that correct?

Please confirm.
Thanks for the quick response. I'm running both websites on a localhost. I'm assuming that could be the issue as you rightly said. Is that so? Thank you
I mean that they separate sites I am running on a localhost. :D
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