Hi all,

TLDR: Unlimited time per project premium support. Any mean of communicating - including im, phone, chat, whatever.

Explanation -

I am reconsidering things people ask me - that includes your recent request (if any), of course, - see, often projects are growing over time, say, 3-6 months, and support from licence purchase (1 month $69 from @KK who is busy as Hell's Quartermaster) is long gone by the mid point, although the amount and quality of questions only rises (in the beginning there are simple questions about well known and documented things mostly). I often learn a LOT from those late-time questions and requests that make me think and code something new or in a new fashion, so I benefit from this immensely. It is important for people to have someone knowledgeable by their side to many things - review their code, simplify things, suggest a solution, hint with code sample, even ask stupid things which they don't yet know where to look at for an answer (in forum maybe) or need an idea or inspiration.

I've been trying (with moderate success) to convert those into "tasks" where a guy pays for something I do for him, but we all like to do things ourselves. So, support is more like become a team and help something grow together. It often comes for me with non-participation in project's profits however there is no responsibility for its success either. There are tons of non-profit, home, hobby, fun, art projects that aren't designed for money milking, and at the same time they grow over time, from a blog to cart, users support, better admin panel, mobile app, speed improvements etc - that's where I can share and be wholeheartedly welcomed by the people.