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Hello i was successfull to install Couchcms in Linux CentOS with Nginx Server.
But im facing new problem now.

When i try to upload new image in blog, the kcfinder show blank grey color. Here's the screenshot:


How to solve this one?
What is being reported in the browser's dev console?
Please take a look and let us know.
I have same issue here. On dev console it said:

Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: "/couch/includes/kcfinder/css.php?type=image&nonce=dbf5511b9678d1dff466c9e9ac04fb00".

Help me, please.
@Cassinitron, could you please check if you have made any edits to a config file (in 'kcfinder' or 'couch' folder) and inadvertently introduced some white space at the beginning of the file? Please note that sometimes that white space is formed by invisible bytes (please see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=53) so you need to check that too.

Let me know.
Checked everything, couldn't find any blank spaces in the beginning. It seems to me everything good for me. Advise me please further troubleshooting.
Wew, finally found my error. Looks like my editor wasn't right and I used a simple File browser from the hosting and solved my problem. Anyways, thanks for your advisement and it helped me a lot.
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