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the last time i used sitemap.php, it seems to appear in google search result.

How can i prevent it to display in search result? but i still needed google to index the links inside it.

To prevent the sitemap itself from being indexed, Google suggests the use the 'X-Robots-Tag: noindex' HTTP header.
To add that in the Couch generated sitemap you linked to (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7173#p9695), please make the addition to it as shown below -

Code: Select all
<?php require_once( 'couch/cms.php' ); ?>
<cms:content_type 'text/xml' /><cms:concat '<' '?xml version="1.0" encoding="' k_site_charset '"?' '>' />

Code: Select all
<?php require_once("couch/cms.php"); ?>
<?php header('X-Robots-Tag: noindex',true); ?>
<cms:content_type 'text/xml' /><cms:concat '<' '?xml version="1.0" encoding="' k_site_charset '"?' '>' />

Hope this helps,
I was trying yo use this noindex thing, i am just afraid it will just skip the sitemap.php....

If I am now using noindex, it will still indexing the links inside this "sitemap.php", but prevent it from display in search engine?
Don't worry - using 'noindex' as HTTP header will make the search engine crawlers skip the sitemap file per se from search results but will still make them follow the links contained inside the sitemap.
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