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I made my homepage clonable at

The list view works perfectly, as usual, but when I create a page and try to see it I get a 404.

I created the template as usual
I modified the ,htaccess
Pretty URL's are turned on
Well, business as usual.

I don't get why it doesn't work on the hompeage.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your input. It must be a stupid mistake, I guess. :mrgreen:

Will need to take a look at the issue first-hand.
Please PM me the FTP+Couch creds.
Ok, I sent them.

Thanks KK

I found that you had tweaked the .htaccess file but missed adding the following statement -
Code: Select all
RewriteBase /

I did that and things seem to be working ok now (IMP: you'll have to clear your browser's cache first).

Please check and let me know.
Hi KK,

Thanks a lot, it works.

I had no idea I had to use that, I never had to before. :D

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