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in the backend admin-menu, I have moved all templates to custom groups, as described in viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10241 , 'Grouping Templates in the sidebar'.

This works great and cleans up the backend nicely.
However, now everytime a user logs in into the backend he is welcomed by the standard "No templates are being managed by the CMS" - I guess thats because the default template-group is empty.
Is there any way to remove this group so the first template in the first custom group is automatically shown when the user logs in?

Thanks in advance!

Instead of keeping the default group completely empty, you may instead rename it (as shown in the docs and quoted below) and use it in place of a custom group - to change the title of the two default menu-groups?
We could do that using some PHP code in kfunctions.php but I think you'd find it easier to do so by editing the 'couch/lang/EN.php' file where you'll find their texts listed as -

$t['menu_templates'] = 'Templates';
$t['menu_modules'] = 'Administration'

Hope this helps.
Hey KK,
wow, thats the easy and obvious solution!
Thanks for your help & have a nice weekend.
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