No problem at all :) I totally understand that the urge to create something doesn't necessarily mean people would ever really need that. Seems to be the case. If you keep playing with it and get promising results, let me know. I'll be happy to hear you had a great time.

not sure how it links to your previous post. are they two different approaches?

Well, if you look at the inputs of the form, you'll see the 'my_selected_pages' hidden input. After posting the form example, I thought it would be best to post an example of how to get the selected pages, so the ids can be used in the form. As you remember, tag db_persist can set relations among pages if editable field is supplied with comma-separated list of desired ids.

So, no - these are small parts of the one approach that you outlined. You said that approach was to list the tags and be able to select pages and tags and relate them.