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I wonder if anyone worked with variable quantity of the products. A product is defined the regular way as in stock CouchCart sample. However, the site is a re-seller not producer, therefore each product option has a limited quantity.

Say, a product's options are as follows (a necklace) -
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Length [ 55 cm | 60 cm = +20]
Width [ 4mm | 6mm =+30 ]

Now, the stock combines a total 280 items, where -
100 items for a combo 55 cm x 4 mm
100 items for a combo 60 cm x 4 mm
50 items for a combo 55 cm x 6 mm
30 items for a combo 60 cm x 6 mm

Frontend is not a problem (i guess) if qty information is available in backend. Somehow I would be able to read it and craft a JS script on the frontend to limit quantity input dependable on selected option.

But the backend is a problem. How admin enters the quantity to the backend for any / some / all of the combinations?
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