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Greetings @KK Sir and @All Couchies!

Q1. I read in the forum somewhere that CouchCMS will be readied for RESTful API consumption. Is that on cards in the near future?

Q2. I am wanting to allow user to login from a mobile app using a web service. I am using the extended users module.

Further explanation of the approach:
1. The android end has a form with the Email Id and the Password Fields.
2. Users are already registered. But I have an additional field "activate" that needs to be set to "1" in order to allow the user to be able to start using the mobile application. This needs to be done only once when the user logs in for the first time.
3. If the user email is not existing in the database then the user shall be denied access.

My issue is how can i do something like:
Code: Select all

or something similar. So that when this url is hit and the service is called the person should be able to access the application dashboard and other features.

Please suggest!

GenXCoders (Aashish)
where innovation meets technology
where innovation meets technology
@genxcoders, please check your PM.
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