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So to preface, I have Hostgator as a hosting provider and use GoDaddy for domains (both something I'd like to change in the near future, but I digress). I have been learning web development for a year now, and am pretty good with HTML, CSS, and Python, and am okay with JS. I definitely understand how to find code snippets, even if I don't understand them, and place them where they need to go to make my site do what I want. I understand the concepts of databases and know a bit of SQL, so all in all, I would like to think that grasping Couch is very much within my grasp.

Even with that being said, I cannot, for the life of me, understand how to get Couch to work. I followed the documentation on the site and nothing I did work. Created a new database in Hostgator, set a user and a password, and changed that within the correct php file. Pasted the necessary php to define an editable region, and the farthest I get in the tutorial is being able to sign up in Couch's control panel, and the editable regions never show up on my site when I sign into the /couch admin area of my site. I have looked for videos on the internet to help and the only ones I've found are in other languages. Can anyone do a screen-capture of walking through setting up a site? Or give me an idea here of what's going wrong? I install Couch in my server, name things appropriately, follow the tutorials to a T and nothing works...

There is one step in Couch development that seems to trip up some beginners pretty badly -
one needs to visit a modified PHP template as 'super-admin' for any change to be reflected in the backend.

I suspect that is what is happening in your case too.
Following thread discusses this issue in great details so perhaps going through that will prove useful -

Hope it helps.
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