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Hi everybody,

I've got the strangest thing happening. I used to have an editable called "inleiding", complete with a label and a description, at the top of my page. After some time, I decided that I wanted the page to be cloneable, and I set that to true.

I refreshed as super-admin, and after making sure that the page was cloneable, I proceeded to deleting the "inleiding"-editable all together.

At this moment, every "clone" of this page has an "inleiding"-editable at the bottom of the rest, even though it doesn't exist !

Any ideas as to what happened and/or how to fix this?

My deadline is next thursday, and I'll be able to work around it until then, but in the end it'll have to go...

Bas van Dijk

Could you please tell me that when you say -
every "clone" of this page has an "inleiding"-editable at the bottom of the rest,..

- do you mean in the 'Admin Panel' or the cloned pages as they appear on the web-site?

Let us go through what happens when we delete an existing editable region -
a. To delete an editable region, simply remove from the template the editable tag that created it.
b. Refresh the template in page-view (this is important for cloned pages. This is the view you get when we click 'view' from the admin panel).
c. Coming back to the admin panel will show that the editable region is now shown disabled and in red. This is to prevent inadvertent deletion of fields. Confirm that you need to really delete the field and now finally it gets removed from every page.

So did you get to see the 'reddened' field in the admin-panel?
If no, then the field has not been marked for deletion. Make sure to refresh the template in page-view.

Please let me know if this helps.
Thanks a million! :D

The field was in the admin-panel, but in retrospect I kept refreshing the masterpage and not the individual cloned pages.

Thanks for the quick response!

Bas van Dijk
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