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I have been following the tutorial and have become stuck at the start of the second part of the blog tutorial.

I have placed the blog_list.html file in the snippets folder as instructed in the tutorial. Secondly I have embedded the blog_list.html in the else statement as seen:

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<cms:else />
     <cms:embed 'blog_list.html' />
<?php COUCH::invoke(); ?>

The blog.php works perfectly.
Coming to the blog_html page I have entered

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<cms:pages masterpage='blog.php' >
   <h1>Hi, I am a page</h1>
   My title is <b><cms:show k_page_title /></b>
        <cms:show news_content /> <!--  content named differently to tutorial -->

The problem I am having is that it doesn't print 'Hi, I am a page' like it does in the tutorial, or print the page title or content. As shown in attached image.

Any help would be great. Great CMS by the way :D


Well, if you have a couple of cloned pages in blog.php, cms:pages tag will list them and output enclosed HTML as many times as many published pages you have.
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