Hello Forum,

I am doing pretty well with the superb possibility to customize the back end, using it for the opportunity to write directly instructions to the future administrator! That is great, I have older customers, and they need a lot of care until they learn to use back end , and this will save me writing an extra manual!!!

But, what I cannot figure out to do, is:
I use dynamic folders for the gallery. And I would like to display k_weight in the list view, because I think that will be helpful to my client. But it does not work with cms:config_list_view. I wrote my instruction message within this tag , and it appears in the first view with folders, which is fine.
But I do not know how to influence /customize the view from which one can create folders for the image gallery? There I would like to display k_weight.

And in the root folder view, where images of folders are displayed - how can I make those folder thumbnails smaller?