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I am writing the backend code for this website im doing and it has a gallery. Check it here
So the problem is I have 3-4 sections that will have their own individual galleries, so the Vuosiluvut one will have folders of different times, Tapahtumat will have folders of images of different events and so on. I tried creating individual .php files with all galleries of each own inside them and tried including them on this page but didnt work or i didnt do it right. Is this possible with CouchCMS or not? Thanks in advance

It is not clear form the link you posted how the "folders" need to be displayed (the page currently is only showing four headings).

May I request you to please post some mockups of how you'd like the page to ideally look like and function?
That will help us in deciding upon how to implement those functions.

Hi! So if you look at this link you will see how I want it to be. Every section under headers have these images that are also folders, each individual galleries. So Vuosiluvut is Finnish and means Decades. So the images under Vuosiluvut will be different decades for example 70s, 80s, 90s and when you press on the individual decades they take you to another page for example and then that page will have images listed like a gallery. So every individual decade will have it's own gallery with pressable images that open and show some information on the images. I hope you understand what I mean, basically galleries nested inside a gallery. Thanks in advance!
The way I see, you need 1 single gallery template (as in with parameter dynamic_folders='1' (as in ... lders.html). This single template is for "Vuosiluvut", maybe vuosiluvut.php. For "Tapahtumat" just add another single template (with dynamic folders if needed).

Each of the folder that you add to each template dynamically in backend has a folder title, folder description and folder image - these will be your 'cover' images with links. So, home-view of this template is and it will list your folders' images and links to each folder-view.
Folder-view for a folder '80s' is automatically
Page-view for a 'Sample Image.jpg' places in a folder '80s' is automatically
Consider this couch-way setup. It will allow you and your client add folders dynamically and upload images to each folder.
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