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Hello Couchies,
I have 2 issues:
1) only after I have created my extended users I customized the template view in the backend. Is that the reason why I still see the Default page (I renamed it in "default" and unpublished it)? Is it supposed to be excluded before other pages are created or imported?

<cms:config_list_view limit='30' searchable='1' exclude='default-page' orderby='page_title' order='asc'>

2) I want to provide exporting users as CSV. Sometimes, some users put commas in the Address variable, which generates extra rows in the exported file. Is there a way to use cms:if, like if a variable contains this character (comma), then output it all together as a whole value in to this variable?

This is the code I have now:

Code: Select all
<cms:content_type 'text/csv' />
<cms:pages masterpage='users/index.php'>
           <cms:show extended_user_email />,<cms:show nname />,<cms:show vname />,
          <cms:if ntitel='' ><cms:show 'Title' /> <cms:else /> <cms:show ntitel /></cms:if>,<cms:show nstreet />

Thanks in advance!
Hi Tanja,

I'll try to answer your queries -
1. You mentioned that you renamed the default page as 'default'. Yet, I see that you are using a different name ('default-page') as the 'exclude' parameter. Please use the exact name (not 'title') you gave to that page, which in your case should be simply 'default'.

2. CSV format dictates that if a column contains commas, it should be enclosed in double-quotes. So please enclose the relevant <cms:show /> statement with double-quotes and that should solve the issue.

Hope it helps.

The double quotes solves the csv export proper!!

For my second issue: although you are right that I used the wrong name for the exclude parameter, even now when I use the correct one, it still appears in the list. And I cannot find it in the PHPadmin on the server, although I see other users/pages there - I though, maybe something was messed up when I deleted the Default page few times accidentally.

Please PM me the FTP+Couch access creds to the site, Tanja, and I'll take a look.
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