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Hello Couchies,

in the back end of the gallery (made with dynamic folders and gallery='1' ), there is an option to move images left or right, but for some reason that is not working.

I could not find this issue in the forum. So please, if anyone knows for a post about that, could you please point to the link?
Or, if anyone knows, where and what should I look for...

Thanks in advance

p.s Right now, the arrows moving images for left and right disappeared, and may have to do something with the code I added, trying to see if I can manually move folders, without assigning the numerical weight. I see it does not work here, but even after I deleted this piece, arrows are not back

Code: Select all
    <cms:field 'k_selector_checkbox' />
    <cms:field 'k_page_title' />
    <cms:field 'k_comments_count' />
    <cms:field 'k_page_foldertitle' />
    <cms:field 'k_page_date' />
    <cms:field 'k_actions' />
Hi Tanja,

Have you configured the list-view to order by weight using up-down as follows?
Code: Select all
<cms:config_list_view  orderby='weight'> 
    <cms:field 'k_up_down' />
Hi KK,
I added now the code you posted, and the arrows appear again...and all works fine....

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