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I've been working on a big project lately, so I am posting a lot questions.
Hopefully, these questions will also help some other people that might have the same ones.

Here's my question :

Is it possible to use custom_field in a masterpage element to filter the content of it, based on a relation editable in that page?
Here's what I have.
I am using a JS calendar, and displaying the events based on what is inside the "contrats.php" page. It works fine without the custom_field filter, but won't display anything with it. Here's my code (part of it):

Code: Select all
events: [
      <cms:pages masterpage='proposals.php' custom_field='contact_dropdown=<cms:show k_page_title/>'>
          title: '<cms:show k_page_title/>',
          start: '<cms:show start_date_test/>',
          color: '#FF0000'

Inside the "proposals.php" page, there's a field where the user can select which contact is linked to this proposal. Contacts are added via another clonable page. It acts a bit like some sort of address book.

What am I doing wrong?

Is that even possible to link a relation field in a "custom_field" property to filter data of a page?


(sorry english is not my native language and this one was hard to explain)

You asked -
Is it possible to use custom_field .. to filter the content.. based on a relation editable in that page?

Yes. You'll find full documentation of it with several examples here - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8581 (under heading "2. Enhanced cms:pages tag").

So, assuming your 'proposals.php' template has within itself a relation field defined named 'contact_dropdown', following should find all proposals related to a contact page named 'john-doe' -
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<cms:pages masterpage='proposals.php' custom_field="contact_dropdown=john-doe">

Please notice that I am using page_name and *not* page_title. This is important - we can only use page_names or ids when querying a relation field.

So if, instead of the hard-coded page_name, we were to use a variable as in your example the code would now become -
Code: Select all
<cms:pages masterpage='proposals.php' custom_field="contact_dropdown=<cms:show k_page_name />">

As you can see, compared to your original code, I have made two rectifications -
a. used k_page_name instead of k_page_title
b. used double-quotes to set 'custom_field' value. This is important else the nested Couch tags within it won't get executed.

OK, that should fix the iteration part. Try the code above in a standalone fashion (i.e. without trying to generate JSON with it) to confirm that it is fetching the proposals as expected.

Now for the JSON part.
Your code actually has a problem with it - the JSON is malformed.
The last item in your events array will have a comma which is not acceptable to JSON.

To fix that, add a <cms:not k_paginated_bottom/> check as shown below.
Your final code should be something like this -
Code: Select all
    "events": [
        <cms:pages masterpage='proposals.php' custom_field="contact_dropdown=<cms:show k_page_name />">
                title: "<cms:show k_page_title/>",
                start: "<cms:show start_date_test/>",
                color: "#FF0000"
            }<cms:if "<cms:not k_paginated_bottom/>">,</cms:if>

For more examples of generating JSON, please see

Hope it helps.
Thank you so much KK!
It worked perfectly.

Couch CMS deserves to be way more popular. This CMS is so powerful!

Thanks again
You are welcome :) I am glad you found Couch useful.
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