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Hie i started using Couch CMS today im early into the tutorial in the documentation and im creating the blog template. I am getting this error
ERROR! Closing tag "template" has no matching opening tag (line: 6 char: 332)
but my closing tag is </cms:template>

what could be causing this problem
Please scrutinize the opening tag (as that is what the error is complaining about).
In case you still have trouble, please feel free to post your actual code here and we'll take a look at it.
A lot of the time when you get this sort of error, the problem isn't with the specific tag that is mentioned - in this case the template tag. You probably do have an opening tag. Check the whole template for tags that aren't closed properly - maybe a self-closing tag where you forgot to add the closing slash, or a <cms:if> tag missing it's matching closing tag.
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