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Ok, so this is probably gonna be tricky:

I am using datatables to present cloned pages data, with every row being one cloned page.

I am using an ajax source. The ajax source generates json using couch tags and also contains some html and will result in every rows last column to be a databound form when outputted by datatables.

All the other columns contain stuff that users can change (dropdowns, textfields etc), and if a user changes something, the change is copied into a hidden field in the databound form.

The problem is, the rows are generated based on e.g. a date range entered into two input fields. As soon as a range is set, I grab all cloned pages within the daterange and populate my datatable with it. Now the issue is once I submit one rows form (every row needs to be saved seperately- this is by design), the page will reload, and after reload, the form will no longer exist because the date range set doesn't persist through page loads (this is by design, but even if it did I am fairly sure it wouldn't work because the form would be generated much later on when javascript is being done).

Is there any way I can persist the submitted form without having that form to exist after page load? Or what would be even better, can I persist the data via ajax/without reloading the page at all? I have potentially hundreds of rows/forms at any time, so I would need some way to persist the values of the specific page id I clicked on submit for. How can I do this?

(I am also available on skype if someone needs more clear information).

I have some experience with dataTable and performing add/remove/edit/save for each row/cloned page via ajax and/or page reload. Hit me on skype, I need to see the workflow before any advice.
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