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Hello Couchies! I have a question about access control.
It is working great for pages. But what I would like to do, is to make also a list-view accessible only for authenticated users.

I have an extra member area in the website, which consists of one nested-pages-template. In the menu for the whole site, I have an extra link that leads to the list-view of this template, where I have an extra navigation for the member area.

So when I add the access_level in the template, it does not work for the list-view.
Is there a way to control access to the list view, after clicking on a link?


Hi Tanja,

list-view accessible only for authenticated users.

Plain authenticated users (i.e.non-admins) are not allowed access to the admin-panel so I take it that you have built some kind of administrative interface on the front-end.

Is that correct?
oh no, those are just a plain front-end pages that are accessed from the list-view which contains a menu (I'll call it here menu-M, for trying to be clear) for those (nested - pages). Users will not be able to change there anything, just read.

So I wanted that list to also be accessible only for registered user, straight from the global menu. When a non registered user clicks on the global-menu link leading to the menu-M, he should be prompted to log in or otherwise enied access to this list-view with menu-M.

Now I have this particular list-view accessible for everyone, and only if one clicks on a menu-M one gets prompted to log -in....

Hi KK,

I wrote earlier:
I found on forum now that the <cms:login> tag accepts a 'redirect' parameter , so that is the solutions for my issue!

Sometime later - well, not really.
The actual solution was to place the above mentioned menu not in a list-view but in a separate page that has restricted access. And form there to access individual nested pages that are also restricted...

So I was going around in circles :lol: , because the solution is much simpler than I thought it would be...

KK, thanks for the great everything you provide for us, also this forum!

Thanks :) I am glad you could find the solution all by yourself.
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