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I have been trying to figure out a simple way of managing product stocks while also allowing the variant option.

Let's say we have the dimensions option added:
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Dimensions[XXS | XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL]**

...can this be easily changed to something like:
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Dimensions[!XXS | !XS | S | M | L | !XL | XXL]**

...Where you add a ! before all the options that are not in stock?

And then use this somehow inside the <cms:pp_product_options > to add a not-in-stock class to the label of that size?

This can further be used in the front end to display messages when selecting between sizes or hide the buy button and display a form so you can get announced when it comes back in stock.
Hi Alin,

Seems to be a plausible way of handling the use-case.
Will require making changes to the core code though which, I am afraid, I am not in a position to undertake at the moment.
KK wrote: Hi Alin,

Seems to be a plausible way of handling the use-case.

It's fine, I kinda figured it out even thought I am not a php guy :D

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if( $opt['modifier']=='*' || $opt['modifier']=='**' ){ // radio buttons ('**' specifies all buttons in the same row)
                                if( $opt['modifier']=='*' ) $html .= $sep;
                        if (strpos($str_option, '!') !== false) {
                           $str_option = preg_replace('/^!/', '', $str_option);
                           $html .= '<label class="radio-label not-in-stock">';
                        } else {
                                $html .= '<label class="radio-label">';
                                $html .= '<input type="radio" name="os'.$y.'" value="'.$x.'"';
                                if( $x==0 ) $html .= ' checked="true"';
                                $html .= '>'.$str_option;
                                $html .= '</label>';
Great :)
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