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Hi there,

I'm no pro at Couch, but I think I may have found an issue with the shopping cart addon:

The pp_option_values always displays $ as opposed to the configured currency symbol.


The CouchCart's configuration file ('addons/cart/config.php') contains the following line -
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$pp['currency_symbol'] = '$';

You may set your preferred currency symbol there.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply KK.

I was actually referring to just that config.

I set the config value in the file you mentioned to something other that $.
For the most part this had the desired effect, but when showing the increase/decrease values of various options the $ sign is used regardless of the configuration value - hence my assumption that it is an error.

Apologies if I'm not very clear - or just not understanding properly.

Thanks again.
Sorry I misunderstood.

Ok, so could you please post some screenshots marking out specifically where you find the change is not getting reflected?
Hi KK,

In the attached pic you can see the correct currency symbol being displayed for the product (see blue ellipse).
But for the options the $ sign is displayed (see red ellipse).

Hope that helps.
Thanks lots.



Strange thing is that I tried setting a new currency in my test setup and the new value showed up just fine on the front-end.

I wonder if somehow the value is not being setup in your config file as required or something?
If your setup is online, feel free to PM me the FTP+Couch creds and I'll take a look at the issue.
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