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Hey there, Couch-people :)

I am currently trying to somehow store the current year in a variable that i can re-use for a <cms:if> condition, to display an "active" attribute in an anchor tag.

I tried creating a global value using the cms:php tag, but i can't seem to use it in the if condition.. Is there any suggested best practise?

This is what i tried:

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desc='enter year'
type='text' />

  global $curyear;
   $curyear = echo date('Y');

<cms:if year = curyear >

I am not a PHP expert, so i am sure i am missing something here - a less clumsy approach would also be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

You can set and get variables with couch code. Couch also has a date tag.
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<cms:set curyear = "<cms:date format='Y' />" 'global' />
<cms:if year == curyear>

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<cms:if year == "<cms:date format='Y' />" > class="active"</cms:if>
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