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hi, I'm implementing the profile.php template to allow a logged in user to amend their details, including password - in the case where the forgotten password has been reset. I have defined
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<cms:input type="bound" class="form-control" name="extended_user_password" />
<cms:input type="bound" class="form-control" name="extended_user_password_repeat" />
and the new password input on the front end form shows up with the current password bulleted out:
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This means that if the user is doing something other than changing the password the password has to be manually blanked out because otherwise the 'Repeat new password' field throws an error as it doesn't match 'New Password'.

THe message "otherwise leave blank", which is in KKs sample file, seems to imply that the field should appear blank to begin with ... but I can't work out why I'm getting the bulleted password appearing. Any advice anyone? Thanks!
in KKs sample file, seems to imply that the field should appear blank to begin with ...

That is correct.

I tested out the sample profile template just now to see if, perhaps, something changed in the later versions of Couch but everything worked just fine for me - the password field comes up blank and the form can still be saved.

I suggest you use the the *exact* code from the sample template to begin with - if it shows the blank password field (as it should), that would give you a baseline code to compare your code with to find which part of the puzzle is missing.

Hope it helps.
thanks for trying that out ... I did what you suggested and get the same result i.e. bulleted out password showing with the barebones sample profile.php. That is in Firefox ... but just seen that it doesn't happen in Chrome. Even if I ask FF not to remember passwords it happens - trying to be helpful I suppose.
Looks like a 100% frontend/browser issue. Here are some solutions and discussion (in case you are not banned in Google's search) ... in-firefox
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