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loving the idea of the Bootstrap grid for organising input data and within a group, but having carefully followed the instructions when I try using the example here i.e. using the exact same code as in the example
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<cms:editable name='grp_coordinates' label='Coordinates' type='group' >
    <cms:editable name='test_row' type='row' order='1'>
        <cms:editable name='lng' label='Longitude' type='text' class='col-xs-2' />
        <cms:editable name='lat' label='Latitude' type='text' class='col-xs-2' />
    <cms:editable name='test_row2' type='row' order='2'>
        <cms:editable name='directions' label='Directions' type='text' class='col-xs-4' />

I get the following php error
Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting!

I can use the Bootstrap grid OK if I don't have rows within editable type of group ... any ideas?
That error is actually triggered by XDebug extension.
Setting a higher value for the nesting levels can help avoiding it (I work with 256 instead of 100).

Please find the php.ini file being used by your installation (if in doubt about its location, place <?php phpinfo(); ?> in one of your templates to get list of your PHP settings - find the php.ini being used from it).

Within the php.ini, find the [XDebug] section and add the following setting to it -
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Restart the web server and test your bootstrap code again.

Hope it helps.
success, thanks so much :)
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