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Hey there,

i'm struggling with something and i can't seem to find the right solution.

I created a clonable template, so my client can create new tabbed articles on a page. However, in order for the tabs to be displayed and work right, i need an anchor (href) tag that links to an id in the article.

My question: Is there a way to list all the cloned page values in the same way that a <cms:show_repeatable /> works? With repeatable sections, i could just use the k_count to add to the anchor tag and make them unique, but what to do with cloned pages?

I hope my explanation is not too confusing.

Thanks for your help!


Please try using <cms:show k_page_id /> - every cloned page has a unique ID that should be perfect to create the anchor.

Hope it helps.
Thanks a lot, KK - that did the trick! :)
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