hi, how to embed file like php include via couchcms code?

for example, if I use this, then multilang is taken from snippets folder:
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<cms:embed "<cms:show k_site_path />multilang.php" />

i have:
Error embedding file: /var/www/domains/mydomain/public_html/snippets/var/www/domains/mydomain/public_html/multilang.php

maybe exist parameter like "external=1" or something like this?

for example:
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<cms:embed "<cms:show k_site_path />multilang.php" external='1' />

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<cms:embed "multilang.php" parent_folder="<cms:show k_site_path />" />

in multilang.php I have variable list:
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<cms:set var1='variable first' 'global' />
<cms:set var2='variable second' 'global' />

how to get from another template using <cms:embed> tag this var1 and var2 ?