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Hello, I thought the search feature searches every template including pages and folders? When I search for words that I have used for names of dynamic folders it doesn't return any result. What could be the problem? and how do I go about it
I am sorry but it is only the pages that are searched.
Ok Kk. Thanks. Hope that will be possible in the near future?
Another quick question. Sorry to disturb you: From the image below is a list view of posts related to tag-3 as seen at the end of the url in the address bar. Now I want to be able to show the respective tag name in place of the name "News" at the top.
tag.JPG (443.38 KiB) Viewed 222 times

I used this to output the title "News" at the top of the page because i couldn't find a way of outputting the tag title "tag 3":
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<cms:if k_is_home>
hello adimpressions! I'm doing something quite similar to you at the moment. The URL may be something like this
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and I retrieve and display the value of 'tag' in the URL in a heading as follows:
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            <cms:set my_tag="<cms:gpc 'tag' method='get' />" />
            <cms:if my_tag><!-- filter by tag heading -->
                <h3 class="d-inline">Tag search results: <small><cms:show my_tag/> [<cms:show track_total/>]</small></h3>

Hope that helps!
Thanks potato it worked. But i want to know how you came by
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[<cms:show track_total/>]
? is it some variable you defined? How do i get the total record of pages returned.
that was a variable I defined and kept a count within <cms:pages> using <cms:incr track_total '1' />
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