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quick question - am I right in thinking that I cannot use ordering for the cms:search tag? e.g. is the following invalid?
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               <cms:search masterpage='tracks.php' keywords="<cms:gpc 's' />" show_future_entries='1' orderby=my_sort_field order=my_sort_dir> 
That is correct. Search results are always ordered by their internal 'scores' - i.e. how relevant they are to the keyword(s) being searched (think of how Google orders the results).
many thanks for the quick answer!
<cms:search_form/> has this:
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<input type="hidden" name="nc" value="1" />

Curious to know what this is for?
That 'nc' stands for 'No Cache' - prevents the search results from getting cached (assuming your site is configured to cache pages to begin with).
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